Catchy Statement telling what you did for BCIU

The Challenge

Called upon to expose economic fundamentals that typically get lost in the negative headlines, Thatcher+Co. has developed and executed several investment promotion PR campaigns in partnership with our joint venture BCIU partner.

Together, we have implemented dual-track investor and media outreach campaigns for a range of countries including Pakistan, Nigeria, Jordan, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Japan, Bangladesh and others, providing timely updates on the state of these economies and opportunities for investment.

Over the last decade, our surgically crafted “Business Ambassadors” formula has layered a triangle of validation, tapping U.S. Ambassadors, multinational corporations and organizations and locally-grown successful CEOs to present a convincing case to media and investors.

The Results

Top-tier media results across several campaigns including BBC World News, Bloomberg TV, Forbes, Quartz, Fox Business, CNBC, Reuters, Huffington Post, and others as well as meetings with editorial boards at The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Participation of multinational partners in the private and public sector including Coca-Cola, Cisco, Mitsubishi, Proctor & Gamble, Baker and McKenzie, the Abraaj Group, General Electric, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the World Bank and others.

Creation of thought-leadership platforms such as launching the “Pakistan Fast Growth 25” – a respected ranking of the fastest growing companies in Pakistan in partnership with All World Network, an initiative led by Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter.