Power to Pakistan

Defining Pakistan by the Bottom-Line

The Challenge

Regaining Pakistan’s Positive Image

Pakistan was facing a daily onslaught of negative coverage – unrest, instability and extremism, as well as significant power shortages. However, Pakistan’s economic growth was showing positive dividends and new investment in the energy sector.

Knowing that headlines ultimately impact the bottom line, the U.S. Embassy Islamabad approached Thatcher+Co. to design a strategic plan that showcased Pakistan to investors and the U.S media as an emerging market force bolstered by the strength of its vibrant economy, sizeable population, real opportunities in the power sector and a formidable entrepreneurial class.

The Results

Secured 14 Media Placements

We garnered positive feedback from the media who were exposed to new opportunities for investment and gained real insight about doing business in Sri Lanka.

Media appointments: BBC World News: Business Edition, Bloomberg, Boston Globe, CNN The Situation Room, Dow Jones, The Economist, Energy Intelligence, Leaders Magazine, FINAlternatives Hedge fund and PE News, Bloomberg News, Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg TV Asia, Harvard Business Review, Forbes Magazine, FT MergerMarket, Platts Energy, Street.com, Voice of America, Forbes Woman, TIME Magazine, The Wall Street Journal.