Unveiling Software-Only Solution for Improving Cell Phone Audio Quality

The Challenge

Cypher, a startup with a groundbreaking software-only solution for improving cell phone voice quality and automatic speech recognition (ASR) in noisy environments, came to Thatcher+Co. to raise awareness and launch the company (October of 2014) prior to commercial availability in a crowded marketplace filled with hardware-centric phase cancellation competitors. The goal was to fuel opportunities with potential go-to-market (GTM) partners and investors and spark demand.

Thatcher+Co. worked with Cypher to create a powerful demonstration that would let the technology speak for itself. Using a sound studio to replicate construction sounds, crying babies or background music, Cypher conducted its phone briefings using two devices – one which had the Cypher software solution for noise cancellation, and another that used Facetime to let the interviewer see and hear the difference. Cypher’s software enables a 99% reduction in noise and a 20% improvement in audio quality, which makes for an astounding demonstration. Despite the fact that Cypher was a new market entrant without any commercial deployments, Thatcher+Co. put them on the map.

The Results

Caught the imagination of tech reporters and product reviewers alike. Secured successful briefings and subsequent coverage from Fox News, Cnet, Gizmodo, Electronic Design, IEEE Spectrum Magazine, Scientific American, as well as contributed content in Wired.

  • Rated Best of CTIA Super Mobility Week 2014 by Tom’s Guide.
  • Awarded Fierce 15 Wireless Startup in 2015 by Fierce Wireless.
  • Client cited coverage as directly igniting a relationship that lead to successful sale of company to Cirrus Logic in April 2017.